POLY MIXED PARTNERSHIP: Colloquial A poly/mono connection.

POLY MIXED PARTNERSHIP: Colloquial A poly/mono connection.

POLY/MONO; in addition , MONO/POLY: Colloquial Of or concerning an union between an individual who self-identifies as polyamorous and someone who self-identifies as monogamous.

POLY-SATURATED: Colloquial Polyamorous , however currently available to brand new relationships or latest associates due to the number of current associates, or considering time limitations that might create latest affairs harder. Comparison polyunsaturated. Usage: usually regarded humorous or a little silly. Seems to be common largely inside the american United States.

POLYSEXUAL: Colloquial Of or linked to relations which have been sexually nonaˆ“ monogamous but that aren’t psychologically personal. Consumption: Occasionally condescending or derogatory; as Bill is not actually polyamorous, but best polysexual. May indicate dismissal or derision associated with the partnership so-named. See relating swinging.

POLY-UNSATURATED: (Colloquial) Polyamorous , and currently getting or prepared for brand new partners. Comparison poly-saturated. Usage: usually considered entertaining or slightly ridiculous. Is apparently most commonly known mainly inside american U . S ..

PRIMARY/SECONDARY: A polyamorous commitment design wherein a person has several couples who aren’t comparable to the other person with respect to interconnection, psychological strength, intertwinement in useful or economic things, or power around the partnership. An individual in a primary/secondary commitment have one (or occasionally, several) major companion and another or even more added secondary or tertiary partners. A primary/secondary commitment is likely to be aˆ?prescriptiveaˆ? (definitely, a major partners consciously and deliberately produces a couple of regulations wherein any extra lovers is supplementary, often as this is seen as a mechanism that’ll shield the prevailing connection from harm triggered by added relations) or it may possibly be aˆ?descriptive,aˆ? and emerge from characteristics additionally the circumstances of the union. Read related tertiary, veto. Discourse: used, prescriptive primary/secondary connections may make an atmosphere where in actuality the folks in those additional interactions think unappreciated or trivial, and that’s why some experienced polyamorous people don’t construct their interactions along enforced primary/secondary outlines.

CHIEF: In a primary/secondary union, the person (or persons) inside connection aided by the greatest amount of participation or entanglement, or sometimes the individual accorded one particular benefits. You might be biggest either as an all-natural result of the scenario and nature associated with the commitment (because that individual provides the biggest amount of financial entanglement, including), or as a planned consequence of the partnership construction and agreements (as with possible of a current few exactly who attempted to add additional lovers only throughout the problem that people established lovers are seen as aˆ?less importantaˆ? compared to the couples). Discover additionally co- primary; distinction additional, tertiary. Discourse: individuals who purposely seek to build a relationship along prescriptive primary/secondary outlines typically designate only one connection while the biggest commitment. People who usually do not attempt to build a relationship along prescriptive primary/secondary contours might have several primary union; a relationship becomes major when it hits a particular point of emotional engagement, practical entanglement, or both.

QUAD: A polyamorous relationship concerning four someone, each one of who may or may not be intimately and mentally a part of all the other customers. Discover relevant N. Commentary: Just about the most common means for a quad to form is when two polyamorous partners began romantic affairs cross-couple .

COMMITMENT ANARCHY: a viewpoint or exercise where everyone is regarded as able to practice any connections they choose, that spontaneity and freedom tend to be desirable and essential qualities in healthy relations, that no relationship is entered into or constrained from a feeling of obligation or obligation, that any relationship option is actually (or should always be) allowable, and in which there isn’t necessarily a definite difference between aˆ?partneraˆ? and aˆ?non-partner.aˆ?

COMMITMENT DIRECTION: a preference for sexual or enjoying affairs of a specific form; as, as an example, a choice for affairs which are monogamous, for connections which have been polyfidelitous, for connections which have been polyamorous, and so forth. See associated change (Def. 1). Commentary: In the same manner some people feel that their particular intimate orientation are substance and a point of possibility in which people think their sexual orientation is actually solved and never at the mercy of preference, so do a little group feel that her relationship orientation is actually susceptible to choice whereas other people feeling her partnership positioning is certainly not a question of selection. It’s been my observance that people appear joingy hookup to be inherently monogamous, and canaˆ™t become happy other means; some individuals seem to be inherently polyamorous, and canaˆ™t become happy virtually any ways; many people seem to be ready, according to the proper situation along with the best associates, to get happier in a monogamous or a polyamorous union. (Through the over Two glossary.)

SAPIOSEXUAL: adjective (of one) discovering intelligence sexually appealing or arousing.aˆ?I found a PhD beginner from Germany which explained he is sapiosexual or noun someone who discovers cleverness intimately appealing or stimulating.aˆ?Iaˆ™m a sapiosexual and I also love to chat.aˆ?